The Benefits of OmniStorage

At OmniStorage , customer loyalty is our purpose and our mission.  Because of this we have the largest word-of-mouth advertising network among self-storage facilities in Brunswick County.  It is this loyalty that distinguishes our properties.  It is this loyalty that finds value in:

  • Security.  Our facilities are located, designed and managed to be secure and it doesn’t just stop with the obvious features like security cameras and an 8 feet tall steel continuous fence, we aggressively manage our Shallotte and Bolivia facilities to be secure.
  • Consistent Temperature and Humidity for your possessions.  OmniStorage offers true climate control.  Our climate-controlled systems run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are not turned off in order to save money.  There are occasions when both the air conditioning system and the heater run at the same time to drop relative humidity.
  • Convenience.  Most Brunswick County residents pass an OmniStorage multiple times each day.  Both facilities are in plain view in familiar areas.  Whether you are driving on Highway 17 or Highway 211, OmniStorage is easy to enter and exit.
  • Exposure.  Our facilities are very exposed to the highways and roads that they abut.  They also enjoy a healthy amount of tenant traffic.  Because of this, our tenants can manage their possessions on-site without feeling threatened or isolated.
  • Accessibility.  Driveways at both our Shallotte and Bolivia facilities are wide enough to support semi-truck accessibility. There is no “call the tow truck” at either OmniStorage.
  • Versatility.  We have numerous sizes and configurations of both climate-controlled and conventional space to fit practically any need.  Our tenants have stored everything from entire libraries to 40 feet long racing boats inside and locked up.
  • Responsiveness.  Our tenants, past, present and future, have our attention.  Our staff is alert and available, as is our owner.  He is on site and available both during and beyond office hours.
  • Consistent, friendly and professional service.  OmniStorage is owned and managed by the same person who designed and built it, thus insuring a continuity of services, direction and purpose.

People choose OmniStorage because there is a difference.