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Self Storage in Shallotte and Bolivia, NC

Every year since 2008 OmniStorage has won the “Best of Brunswick” - Storage because of our tenants; past and current. We have enjoyed 23 years of praise, referrals and repeat customers citing the following attributes:

OmniStorage Best of Brunswick

"...clean and convenient"  "…safe and secure"

"...very semi-truck accessible"   "…alert"

"...well managed"   "...responsive"

"...consistent”   "…friendly and professional"

Our facilities are unique in Brunswick County.  They are completely surrounded by 8' tall fences that are made of steel.  They are completely accessible to semi-trucks and no one has ever had to call a tow truck to "remove" an eighteen-wheeler from our properties.  We have the largest "word of mouth" referral network among storage facilities in the County and we would love to have your business.   

Select one of our two facilities above and see why.  Join our blog community or use our Tools to help with your upcoming move and storage.

People choose OmniStorage because there is a difference.